There she is again.

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Branding creative, (UX/SEO) copywriter, storyteller

Hi there! My name is Myra. A Dutch-born branding creative and wordsmith who's been living in Ireland for years. I have a 10-year background in marketing, advertising and psychology: allowing me to combine these disciplines to achieve head-wrecking awesome results. 


But really. My work’s pretty cool.


I've been working as an online marketer and writing copy for, well, a very long time. I work directly with clients of every size, all over the world on websites, projects and brands that I can feel passionate about. Anything that can use a human approach makes me a happy writer. Part-time on location or remotely from my home-base in Cork, Ireland. No crazy contracts, no office politics, no fuss, no hassle. I like doing things my way: with a personal approach and plenty of coffee. From one human being to another.


Did I already mention that I love coffee? 

Let’s have one.