freelance copywriter, freelance tekstschijver, storyteller, marketeer, myra kokke
freelance copywriter, freelance tekstschijver, storyteller, marketeer, myra kokke, seo copywriter, seo tekstschrijver

My name is Myra, a fun-loving, coffee-drinking, hat-wearing Dutch wordsmith living in Ireland. People call me a Business Blogger, Content Marketer, Freelance Writer, Community Manager or Social Marketer.  But basically, I'm nothing more than one hell of a writer and a very skilled marketer with a passion for community management.


I am not a fancy advertising agency, nor do I fancy becoming one. I like to do things my way, with the skills, passion and a thrive that only I possess. Working as a freelancer for people, places, projects, and brands that I can feel passionate about. Anything that can use a human approach makes me a happy marketer. After 10 years of indulging myself in the advertising and marketing world and theory, I decided it was time to do things my own way.

I've been working as an online marketer and writing copy for, well, a very long time. I work directly with clients of every size, all over the world. I'm ready to help you with all your copywriting, concept development, project management, community building, social media planning, design- and online marketing needs. Part-time on location or remotely from my home-base in Cork, Ireland.


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