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Man's best friend

“It is only now that I realize how much I’ll be missing out on when he’s gone…” His words struck me in an incredibly sad, but beautiful way. Hatsun was how he called him, and Hatsun didn’t seem to mind.

Earlier that morning I had decided that it was too beautiful a day to work from my home office, so out I went. Pen and paper in my purse, off to Dukes. Completely focussed on my writing, a friendly fella asked me if his friend could sit with me while he would go in to grab himself a coffee. I looked at the big, gentle eyes looking up at me, and couldn’t refuse.

Some things fill your heart without even trying.

Shortly after my first glance at Hatsun, the friendly stranger came back with his coffee and asked me if he could join me at my table. Where I’d generally feel the need to avoid human interaction (which is probably the reason I write), I felt surprisingly okay with this unexpected company. Some things just fill your heart without even trying, and Hatsun was one of those things. He seemed to be there for all the right reasons.

We chatted away while enjoying our coffee, even though we weren’t able to finish any of the conversational subjects we started - everyone seemed to want to meet Hatsun. At least once every five minutes, a bypasser would stop to admire his beautiful state of being. The calm, warm energy this gentle giant brought to his environment, made people simply want to spend a moment with him, no matter how brief. “He keeps me going, you know.”, the friendly stranger told me when I remarked the magical attraction Hatsun had on his surroundings. “If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t leave the house this often.”

They’d spend their time together enjoying a 10K walk, twice a day. Hatsun would take his friend to visit all their favorite coffee corners, pubs, and restaurants. Wherever they went, greeted with a smile and often a warm embrace. Capturing their daily adventures on a special Instagram account, holding onto the memories of all the adventures they’d experience together.

It was Hatsun who motivated this friendly stranger to go into the world, and truly live the moments. To meet people, greet people, and make new friends out of strangers. To enjoy all the beauty this city has to offer, without ever letting a chance to meet another unique character go to waste. Because Hatsun saw only good. Free of judgment, free of hatred - seeing every single human being just as they were. His only mission in this life was to bring as much warmth and kindness to his best friend and his surroundings, as he was capable of bringing. Fearless, devoted and true. Love in its purest form.

An inspiration to many, amongst which myself.

A dog is the only thing in this world that loves you more than he loves himself. Dogs come into our lives, to teach us about unconditional love. They depart, to teach us about loss. A new dog never replaces an old dog. It merely expands the heart.

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