freelance storyteller, myra kokke

                     No matter what your ideal customers look like, they all have one                   thing in common: they’re human beings, like you and me. And us            humans love stories. The tales of legends, the lessons of history, fairytales - and the stories behind the brands and people we love. Having years of experience as a creative copywriter I dare to promise that I will say that what you can't find the words to express. From pay-off to press release. 

How about this story for example? >


My arm.


freelance copywriter, diensten myra kokke

I believe in the power of stories. The unforgettable movement, depth, emotion and passion a story can make someone experience. Your story makes you unique. It differentiates you from all the others. It shows your character, your passion, your history… It’s the core of your brand. It's a story that has to be told. 

Properly. A story that takes the reader on the journey of a lifetime. Powerful, vivid, passionate and triggering. A story that moves, stirs, persuades and activates.  From start to finish. True to the core of your brand, written for the human being behind your customer. Whether this is the story behind a brand or a story written for a website or brochure. 

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My graphic designers' arm.

freelance copywriter, diensten myra kokke


Who are you? What do you stand for? What's the core of your brand,                         your message to tell? Let's find out. Let's call it an                 adventure. One where we’ll discover and highlight your norms and values ​​as a brand, your ideal customer, your position in the market, your unique selling points, the tone of voice that suits your archetype, the customer journey, the layout of your website - and so on. 

Let me tell you all about it >

freelance tekstschrijver, diensten myra kokke

Yep.  That's my a.ctual foot


Who do you communicate to? How do you target your ideal customer, how should he experience your website and what do you need to do to make him a devoted fan of your brand? A proper campaign stands or falls by a

watertight strategy. I'm here to advise, brainstorm

and develop.

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